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What is our aura and how can it address us?possib

What is our aura and how can it address us?

All dwelling beings consist of an aura. The aura ´sits´ more than our physique as an oval electric powered ´field´, which reaches out 50 �?100 cm. against the entire body. The aura is inside of utmost situations invisible in the direction of the human eye, nonetheless quite a few folks are capable towards look at auras as a shining market above the intellect. Even though visuals of Jesus usually display a type of halo in excess of his mind, it is his shining aura that is getting depicted.
Our aura retains our recognition
The aura is made up of electromagnetic radiation or ray-fashioned issue, as Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic, phone calls it. It is this variety of make any difference that our awareness is made up of. Our awareness is not limited in direction of the intellect, nevertheless it sits more than the full physique as a sector of electrical energy. We develop up our recognition more than countless numbers of incarnations, and for just about every everyday living we reside, we increase towards the contents of


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