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The cost of capital for investment from the central bank was

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Well, I can tell you are a good manager, but what I like the most is the color in your story telling. I feel transported to western USA just reading your writing. You tell a good story McK. These camps have grown despite the promise to crack down on al Qaeda from General Pervez Musharraf who ruled the country until the election of a democratic government in February this year. The United States paid heavily for this promise. In June 2008, a Congressional Research Service analysis reported that the United States had given Pakistan nearly $11 billion in military and economic aid since 2002.

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Change is found every day, like changing clothes or changing circumstances. The concept of change seems like it is mainly unwanted and frowned upon by many people. Change is a natural process that happens all of the time, with or without consent. The cost of capital for investment from the central bank was zero but the key issues had been missed. Massive stock holdings meant that even interest free investment capital served no purpose. The result was a decade of decline for the world’s second biggest economy a period of decline from which they have only recently emerged..

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