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Sessions said Friday on CNN that he could not confirm or deny

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purse replica handbags It called hypocrisy. It also a total failure on the left to lurch beyond this. Cops will reflect society ills and currently they rightfully criticized and opposed but to shit on the entire concept of policing is just dumb. Her sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama in January and she’ll now be released next month after about seven years behind bars.The Obama Justice Department opted against prosecuting WikiLeaks, which identifies itself as a publisher, because doing so could have set a precedent to similarly target more mainstream news organizations. However, the Obama administration never formerly closed the 2010 case involving WikiLeaks.Sessions said Friday on CNN that he could not confirm or deny any ongoing investigation into WikiLeaks.CNN’s Kate Bolduan next asked Sessions if charging Assange could “open up news organizations like CNN or the New York Times to prosecution.””That’s speculative and I’m not able to comment on that,” he responded. “So I’m just not going to comment on that.”A Justice Department spokesman did not immediately respond for comment.Sessions responses in the CNN and MSNBC interviews are not reassuring for the press, especially considering the attorney general refused to committo not prosecuting journalists during his Senate confirmation replica radley bags hearing, saying he was “not sure” if he would charge journalists in connection with leaks.Though replica kipling bags the Obama’s Justice Department infuriated press advocates after seizing AP reporters’ phone records and suggesting a Fox News reporter’s newsgathering was criminal,former Attorney General Eric Holder committed to not jailing journalists for doing their jobs.Sessions has lately been emphasizing the need to combat leaks, saying Thursday that the Justice Department had begun to “step up our replica bags uk efforts” to do.”Whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail,” he said. purse replica handbags

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