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It like taking a Fallout game

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4 points submitted 3 hours agom8, you are getting your veggies roasted over something that has very little to do with Steam. Steam obviously can have some games priced in AUD and others in USD, its uniformly AUD. Is this Steam fault? No not really. I mean short canada goose outlet online uk of postponing the currency switch (why would they) what do you want them to do? This is entirely down to each game publisher/devloper to set the price manually. You want to buy Baldur Gate 2, then tweet at Beamdog to update their prices to AUD.I am worried that you might be smoking some meth which is really hampering your ability to comprehend such a basic promise, so let me give you an analogy that might ease the concept for you:Let say due to a new local law, everyone in your area is required to get a new driver license before a certain time on a certain date, 4 weeks from now. You have been informed by the local police that you should show up at the station before said date with your current ID, so that it may be updated to reflect the new laws. Failure to show up by the required date will result in a $200 fine for you.see where I am going with this?Those 4 weeks comes and goes and you have forgotten to go down to the station to update your ID. Sure enough you now have a letter from the local police saying you canada goose jacket outlet have incurred a $200 fine as yoy failed to show up at https://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org the requested time.Now in this example, it is wholly unreasonable for you to be upset at the police for the fine, as it was you and your inaction caused it.So the analogy here is that you are just getting upset at Steam who only did what they said they would do, canada goose outlet woodbury 4 weeks ago; enable australian currency on the store. The fact that you can buy a game is a problem with the relevant publisher not having the required price up. This has been seen time and time again with other countries that went through a similar transition like Poland and Switzerland that also had large areas of the store made inaccessible temporarily due to the conversion.Could steam have had a better system in place? Probably. Almost, definitely. But the fact of the matter is these are the rules everyone seems to play in and while we are playing in Steam store we just have to hope the companies are not too lazy to do things before a deadline. 3 points submitted 3 hours agoI am worried that you might be smoking canada goose outlet online reviews some meth which is really hampering your ability to comprehend such a basic promiseResorting to ad hominem attacks already? How mature of you. And it premise, but perhaps the meth is playing tricks on my eyes.That also a lot of text in reply to what was originally simply illustrating the point that we didn get what we asked for. You can extrapolate whatever other point it is you so desperately trying to make until your fingers bleed, but that fact doesn change.Nonid 1 point submitted 13 hours agoWell, I an all time Fallout fan but even with all the positivity in the world, I see nothing in fallout 76 that could make me buy it. No classic Fallout 1 and 2 dark humor, no well crafted conversations with countless choices, no character build, no funny scenario, no NPC, not even a stable engine and great graphics. It like taking a Fallout game, strip everything good, keep the remains and try to make an half ass survival game with an out of date engine for the price canada goose factory outlet of a AAA game. And of course, you make it early access long before it completly cooked.There is no way for me to succinctly point out what is wrong here other than saying if you think this is awesome, play Fallout: New Vegas. Fuck it, play Fallout 3 even! If a post apocalypse RPG is your cup of tea then these two games will remind you what its like to play a good Fallout game. Things like dark humour, branching dialog options, actions that have consequences, great story telling, funny/fucked up backstories, character builds, NPCs that make the game world seem alive and populated.hombregato 52 points submitted 1 day agoHappy he canceled his retirement, but I think the important information here is that Microsoft will be helping them canada goose outlet edmonton bridge “the uncanny valley between the double A and the triple A”.Obsidian and InXile have always swayed between making great indie games and pretty good quality titles reaching for the AAA cheap canada goose market. This line suggests they will return to efforts like Hunted: The Demons Forge and Obsidian canada goose outlet store montreal Alpha Protocol, but with support that will allow them to avoid some of the problems both studio had trying to operate in that space independently.It sad for me, because I want games like Torment, Wasteland, Tyranny, and Pillars. but I take quasi AAA efforts over both studios announcing closure, which based on sales numbers on isometric RPGs lately was probably the alternative.Not saying there isn any truth to that statement but businesses can, and have, run on both. In fact, if Kickstarter and other crowd funding platforms have shown there is a market for running a business based on sentiment (be it nostalgia; pillars of eternity, or the reputation of the dev team or single individual; Chris Roberts Star Citizen). CDPR is another example of a company that does look at ROI for their products but also goes to great lengths in cultivating a positive perception of their company, be it in their DRM free GOG platform or their general pro canada goose outlet toronto address consumer philosophy with the Witcher 3, which continues to pay dividence going forward in their future canada goose outlet winnipeg address projects and IPsWhat MS actually does in the end remains to be seen and you could well be correct in the assessment that they could facilitate a change in focus in our beloved studios, but on that same note, they have a lot more to gain by not taking an EA management approach, given that that rarely works out in anyone favour these days. 1 point submitted 1 day ago.

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